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Dealing with Negativity

Angry businessmanHave you noticed how negativity has sort of become the way to be these days? Yes, apparently anger and drama is in my friend!

It’s sad to see how pessimism and drama has become the norm for some people; to the point that if you say or do something remotely positive, they might label you as a “the weird one.”

I know it’s not easy to deal with the world these days. Hey, I don’t even expect you try and change it – at least not in the usual fists in the air kinda way. I believe that If you truly want to succeed and overcome this sad ‘negativity phase,’ you must be willing to think and act differently from the rest of the tribe.

What I mean by being different is that you – positive, loving, and awesome, goal oriented person – should make an effort to focus on your own truth (you know, what you know you can have or be) regardless of what others think or say.

For example, it is said that during the 1800’s, Guglielmo Marconi was briefly institutionalized in a mental hospital by his friends just because he told them his idea on developing a new way of sending messages through the air at great distances. What a crazy wako right?

Well, it’s thanks to this lunatic’s ideas what eventually created a strange little thing called a radio, which eventually led to the inventions like the cellphone we now use to send messages and pictures every day. Hey, Marconi could’ve just given up and stayed being cool with the other “sane” dudes, but instead, he continued with faith and determination following his passion and preaching his own truth about what he knew was possible for him.

Hey, I know first hand that being different can really suck sometimes. But this is why we should always be associate with other crazy, positive, and creative wakos like us! Sure our family and friends may have the best intentions in helping us (really, most of them do), but It’s just that you shouldn’t expect them to be experts on what you are going to achieve.

“Always remember that if someone else made it, so can you”

Study and imitate the people who already have what you want – ALL OF THEM! -, and notice how they overcame their obstacles. Doing this can really help you stay motivated by substituting those nasty negative thoughts with high doses of optimism. Always keep in mind that if they could, you can too.

And when negative thoughts arise, don’t fight them, just thank your mind for trying to keep you safe. The goal here is to be aware of the quality of your thoughts at every moment so you can replace them with better ones that serve you.

When you dare to thinking differently from the rest, you are become part of the solution that this world needs. And don’t feel bad about your occasional doubts and fears (I still have them). You just keep on working and dreaming with determination and faith until your desires come out and meet YOU.