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The Power of Inspiration

Inspiration to me is a moment of creativity that motivates a person to act towards his or her goal by influencing their emotions. Inspiration also means “in-spirit”, and it refers to that inner feeling of being guided by a higher and spiritual mind. Artists also call it “the muse”, and athletes know it as being “in the zone”.

When you feel inspired to do something you will find yourself doing more work – but in a positive state of mind. You will practicing more, studying more, replace bad habits, take more risks, and overcome negative thoughts and situations. Not only that, your mood will also change because you will be more focused and optimistic. An inspired person always tends to be willing to do what’s necessary get what he wants.

Inspired people throughout time have always seemed to do the impossible. They have eliminated once though incurable diseases, they have taken us into space, built pocket size computers, created timeless works of art, and some have even changed the world with their achievements while suffering from so-called “physical or mental disabilities”.

Eunice Kennedy was a perfect example of one of those people. She was always known for wanting to give a better way of life for people with special needs because she never could see them as handicapped or disabled. Then one day she got inspired to create an event where they could develop their sports skills. Then the medical community basically attacked her by saying that it couldn’t and shouldn’t be done. Did she listen? Absolutely not. Eunice followed her heart and proved them wrong by following her dreams and succeeding. To date there have been over 3.7 million people from 150 countries that have participated in these sports events. What do you think about that?

Another inspiring person is Mr. Arnold Schwarzenegger. The guy with the strange last name was born in a very small town in Austria where he was expected to become either a policeman or a farmer. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with having one of those jobs, but clearly he was interested in something much bigger.  Arnold wanted to become a Hollywood movie star, but had no clue on how he would achieve this. One day he entered a gym and was inspired by what he saw; he immediately knew that weightlifting was his ticket out of his small town. After excelling at the sport in Europe, he made the big jump and started competing in America.

When it came time to start his career in the movies, he was quickly rejected by many “experts” who criticized his thick Austrian accent and his muscular body. They all swore that he would never make it in Hollywood as a leading actor. Ironically it was those “limitations” that made him a movie superstar.


Find what really inspires you and go with it. At first it may seem difficult or intimidating, but in time you will see things clearer. Focus on your goals, dreams and aspirations, and not on what other people think you should or shouldn’t do. Read about the people who have achieved their dreams and you will soon feel energized and inspired. Remember that when you finally arrive at your destiny, your story will serve as inspiration to others who need it. God bless.