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4 Good Reasons to Stat Away from Constant Negative News

I thinMan with newspaper - hard find a jobk that when it comes to planing out our future goals, knowing what to do or where to go is just the start. But have you ever stopped to think about what you need to get rid of in order to enjoy that success?

Well, for me, it was releasing my insatiable thirst for negative news. This included toxic TV news, newspapers, Internet and radio, participating in forums and/or discussions, and avoiding all “friendly” conversations about how life is just a never ending place of tragedies and despair.

I know that you might be thinking, “How could knowing what’s wrong with the world possibly affect me? After all, aren’t they showing us the truth?” Well, I’m sorry to say that for the last 15 years or so, most news media (especially in Latin America) have become a medium for over exposed sensationalism specifically designed to get you and me emotionally hooked into wanting to know more about this “truth.” Which often ends up making us all worked up for nothing.

News forums like these love to create a false state of panic within their target audience from which their sponsors will always gain a huge profit. And the more their customers make the more advertisement they sell. Then, you or someone close to you, ends up spending a day, a week, or a freaking lifetime feeling anxious and scared about something that in most cases isn’t even be true! So you tell me if it’s worth wasting your time and your piece of mind on garbage like this.

Come on, do our kids really need to see close-ups of drug raids and shot-up bodies during their cartoon breaks? And what about those month-long “special report” on how the economy is slowly turning into mush? Would you be inspired to start your dream business after that? Fuck no!

And what about all those useless, bipolar scientific studies that they always share with us? Today, they might say that coffee is the best stuff on earth, and tomorrow, you can’t even look at it because it’ll make you go blind. I mean, if you are going to share something stupid and irrelevant, at least stick with one version and let me drink my morning coffee in peace.

So, until those sadistic bastards decide to take their finger off the panic button, it is our responsibility to choose which information we will allow to grow inside our mind. After all, it is scientifically proven that whatever we constantly think, we become.

Now let me do you a huge favor and give you 4 awesomely good reasons to stop watching so much negative news.

  1. You can become healthier.

Ask any well informed doctor who cares, and they’ll tell you that constant stress is probably the #1 cause for disease, chronic pains, and psychological issues. So you do the math: Less stress = fewer problems. I should know; I now sleep better, and haven’t got the flu since I began this experiment over 4 years ago! You can even lose excess weight by not letting those pesky stress hormones accumulate and turn into ugly fat.

But if for some reason you do need to watch the news, mentally disassociate from all the hype and take away whatever information is useful. Then you can do your favorite exercises, play with your pet, or take a Yoga or Meditation class. Or do anything that makes you happy! And if you add nutritious food to this mix you will develop a healthy body from the inside out.

  1. You can make more dinero!!!

While we can’t deny that thousands of people have lost their jobs and their homes, most news reports tend to overlook the fact that there are thousands more who are not only surviving, but thriving to higher levels in this economy. And some do it without having a college degree or a lot of money to start with. So what’s their secret? They simply learned to turn their bad situation into very profitable one.

I personally know how scary it is to reinvent your life while we live in such an instable economy. But if someone else I already doing it, then all you have to do is find a way to mirror their attitudes and actions in what you want to do.

  1. You will notice greater growth opportunities.

Believe it or not, great opportunities don’t just happen once; they are happen all the time. And in order to see and attract those opportunities you’ve got to be in the game looking for them. The clearer you are about what you want, the easier it will be for you to spot the chance that you were waiting for.

Know that your mind needs clear instructions in order to help you succeed in anything that you want. So focusing on bankruptcies and foreclosures will only make you a very efficient problem finder instead of problem solver. I promise that as soon as you start focusing on whatever it is that you want, you will also begin to see, hear and feel your way towards success.

  1. You can better serve others.

Lets face it, people who think like us love to help others in any way we can. It’s just that in order to do that, we must put all our attention on creating real solutions instead of sitting passively on our butts while avoidable situations continue to happen. I once heard of a boy in the U.S. who grew so concerned about the water crisis in Africa, that he started a fund raising program enabling him to build wells for hundreds of families in need. Remember this the next time you think you’re incapable of helping others.

The great thing is that if enough people stop supporting this sensationalist news crap, they’ll either have to change the way they inform us, or get off the air for good. And this, my friend, is the start of a better, more productive life for everyone.