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Affirm Yourself to Success

Possible And Impossible Keys Show Optimism And PositivityJust like your computer’s programming  controls all its vital functions, your inner beliefs act like a mental program that constantly controls everything from your income, the quality of your relationships, your level of success, to your ability to make any positive changes in your life. “Even your health is determined by what you think is true!”

Odds are that if you are always struggling with life, your mind is probably infected with nasty beliefs that are holding you back. The good news is that once you identify the problem, you can then reprogram your mind from depressed to success.

A simple and powerful way for you to program do this mental cleansing is by using some kick-ass “positive affirmations.”

A Positive Affirmation is a powerful statement that you repeat to yourself in order to change a limiting or negative belief. The method is simple: you first identify the limiting belief ( example #1: “I am not good enough to make it”), and then you change the statement to something more positive written in the present tense (example #2: “I Am worthy of success!”)  By repeatedly affirming your desired belief you will start replacing the old crappy one with something that can actually help you.

So instead of always telling yourself , “I am too weak. I can’t do this stuff.”  You can change it to a better sounding, I am strong, confident, and able to do what I want. Doesn’t that sound and feel much better than the old “Oh, poor me, bla, bla, I am victim” nonsense?

Its also important to mention that emotion plays a big part in this process; the more positive emotion you can bring to the new affirmation, the faster you will start to believe its true. So from now on, make a commitment to yourself to only accept positive, empowering ideas that will bring out the better, kick-ass version of you.

Here are other positive affirmations that you can repeat daily.

-I am a success at whatever I do.
-I am always in total control of my emotions.
-I am confident and relaxed under any situation.
-I can easily achieve all my goals in a relaxed and positive way.
-Day by day, my life just keeps getting better and better.

Remember to put your positive affirmations on your car, on your bathroom mirror, on your computer, on your dog, or wherever you can read them often. Just think of them as your kick-ass mantra for success.


Warning: Please be very patient with the reprogramming process; some changes will happen quickly, and others might take more time in order to become a permanent part of you.
Keep on rockin’ my fiend!!!