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Only speak if you are going to say something positive or constructive towards others. It’s a fact that when you condemn a person or a situation, your condemning yourself – literally. So if you live a miserable and frustrating life, you probably live criticizing and focusing on the negative aspect of others, and this will reflect ultimately on to you.

Juan Manuel


Today there is a greater number of human beings that are going through individual journeys towards finding true meaning in their life. Keep learning and questioning everything about the world around you, and always be prepared to receive what your looking for. When you consciously start a journey towards the truth, you will see that every answer you seek will come to meet you half way.

Juan Manuel

Is a Psychic Vampire making your life suck?

I’m guessing that the name psychic vampires was probably created by some pissed off person trying to describe the those that can suck the joy right out of you.

You could say that a psychic vampires is the person who is always looking for ways to make you feel afraid and insecure about wanting a better life.

Whether it’s  talking about problems in the economy, lack of opportunities, or a bunch of other crap that’s beyond your control, these dark entities can really wear anyone down psychologically, emotionally and physically.

The bottom line is that it doesnt matter if your psychic vampire is your best friend, your wife, your boss, a teacher, or even your dad; what matters is that you understand that they can’t control your life unless you let them.

You and I have an internal desire that’s guiding us towards the things we want. The problem is that you wont get there unless you let go of these energy drainers first. Just like a computer, if you don’t install an antivirus program against psychic vampire attacks, your system will eventually fail.

Here are a couple of pointers that may help you overcome their sneaky attacks:

#1- Let them go.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to quit your job, escape from home, or immediately divorce your nonsupporting husband. This simply means that you should stop sharing your future goals with people who just wont get it.

The less you fill them in on what you are doing, the less they can sabotage your dreams. Just agree with whatever they say while you quietly work on building a great future that probably wont include them.

#2- Don’t ask them for advice. Never!

This may seem like a no brainier, but some people are always setting themselves up for these types of disappointments. Would you ask for spiritual guidance to an atheist or business advice to your buddy the couch potato? I am guessing no.

What you need to do is to study, imitate and listen to the people who already have what you want. When you follow those who already overcame your struggles, you will feel motivated to keep on going towards the goal.

#3- Associate with other BIG THINKERS like you.

If misery loves company, then success does too.When you take the time to develop a great attitude about life and about yourself, you will automatically attract other great people just like you. By letting go of your dream sucking relationships you will create a space for better quality people to come into your life. Eventually, the people who aren’t meant to be in your life, will start leaving on their own.