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3 Reasons to Not Give a F***

Hello. My name is Juan Santiago. And I stopped giving a fuck a looooooong time ago…

I don’t give a fuck about chain messages. I don’t give a fuck about Trump, the Kardashians, or bitcoins. I don’t give a fuck about haters and critics. I don’t give a fuck about the news. And I certainly don’t give a flying fuck about filling anyone’s expectations of who I should or shouldn’t be.

Now that I got that of my chest, let me give you 3 good reasons why you too could benefit from this “not giving a fuck” attitude.

But before I start, let’s make something clear: “Not giving a fuck” is NOT a license to be an pretentious, self centered asshole. It simply means that from now on, you will only devote your time, your attention, and your energy to thing, events and people that improve your life.

Reason #1: It Keeps You Goal Focused

Creating your dream life isn’t easy. You need to stay laser focused. But if you behave like most people – whining about what they don’t have, worrying about shit that might never happen, playing with their cellphone – you can bet your ass that you’ll never get there.

Focusing on problems will not make you help you solve them. So fuck that and keep all your attention on possibilities that can get to where you wanna be.

Reason #2: It Builds Confidence

Before I accepted my awesome, weirdo self I was always trying to fit in with what I though was the cool crowd. This never made me happy. So I ditched them and I found other weirdos who liked me for being me.

Understand that real confidence starts with one huge step: Self Acceptance. This means not giving a fuck about being different. You are supposed to be different. That’s how God made you. So never, ever dilute yourself; It dishonors your true powerful self.

Reason #3: You gain Emotional POWER

A true Master has complete control of his or her emotions. On the other extreme, the losers overreact to everything. No wonder they’re so annoying.

Become a true master by not giving a fuck about things that aren’t under your control. Things like criticism, the weather, global events, tragedies, your boss’s childish tantrums, failures, rejections, non of these things matter. What changes your life is what you fucking do about it. Period.



My Spiritual Journey

I’m hardly what you can call the typical “spiritual person.”

I don’t believe in horoscopes. I curse a lot. I’m not into mystical crystals or magnets. I don’t pray (at least not in the usual way). My chakras haven’t been aligned since grunge hit the 90’s. I’d rather have a beer with Axle Rose than sit and meditate with the Dalai Lama. I love tattoos. I eat meat. And I love life’s crazy diversity. Now to my journey…

For a long time I doubted what society taught me about spirituality or religion. Non of it made sense. And no one ever gave me a straight answer. They just repeated what they heard, and followed these instructions like good little boys and girls regardless of how they really feel about it.
Questions like, Will I go to heaven? Does hell exist? Will I simply croak and become a ball of compost and worm food? Does listening to Slayer make me a bad person? What about Taylor Swift? Is God a man, a woman, an alien? And if he, she, it is so wise and powerful, why the hell doesn’t he simply appear and tell us what’s up?

Also. Is it true that he only likes you if you’re constantly thanking him? You know, like rappers receiving trophies at the MTV awards. Doesn’t this sound more like a human dictator than an all wise being who loves you no matter what? Then what’s with all the scare tactics?
Believe it or not, questions like these sometimes kept me awake at night. Only after years of soul searching did I see that the more I understood myself, the more I understood spirituality.


The God Question 

Do I believe in God? Yes I do! Just not in the big guy-in-the-sky-with-the-nasty-temper version. That one needs serious help.

I believe that god is much more than a bipolar, ego thirsty dude that craves constant attention. These are very human traits that ancient people probably used to explain behaviors and natural events. Not to mention the benefits of crowd control. To me, God, Jehovah, Krishna, Source, is this loving and wise “energy” that permeates matter from here to the ends of the universe.

It lives within our every cell. It’s in the trees. Even your stupid cat is made from it. It doesn’t care if you’re rich or poor, good or Trump. It’s always there, present, supportive, and nonjudgmental.
Because you’re here to serve a purpose, It’s always guiding you through intuition, people, books, mistakes, events, and other synchronicities that no human could’ve orchestrated.

You can feel it walking in the beach, through meditation or by helping a person in need. You are never, ever alone, even if you think you are. It’s imposible.


The spiritual Way

As I said, spirituality is discovering who you are: your strengths, your weaknesses, your desires, your talents. Its learning and unlearning until you find your truth. It’s understanding that we are all in this crazy ride together. It’s realizing that each person (including you) is born for a purpose – something that only you can do.
No begging or blood sacrifices are required. Sex is permitted. You can love whomever the fuck you want. You don’t have to kill your kid to prove your devotion. Oh, and there’s no fiery pit of doom playing Despacito. Although, if you fuck with people, life will definitely fuck-you-up until you get your shit together. In other words, you punish yourself.


What about religion? 

In essence, I do have a religion: LOVE. Every day I ask myself, Am I doing this from fear or love. Am I being authentic?

I do not hate religion, not even the really weird ones. Most of the people that I love support a religion. It’s improved their lives greatly, and that’s what matters. Who am I to judge how or through whom this knowledge comes from? Universal force flows through everyone, and it doesn’t care if you wear a funny hat. These are the people who understand the lessons behind the metaphors.
Sure, some may feel outraged about what I’m saying. It’s ok. I know that everyone is not ready for this. These are not the people that I’m speaking to today. My people either get it or are in the process of getting it. I’m just the messenger who believe that our punishments or rewards are a direct result of who we are and what we do.
Do I have all the answers? Hell no! Are my beliefs the “right” ones? I don’t know. At least for me they are. All I know is that my life has only gotten better since I awakened.

To you, I say keep asking, studying and applying until you find your own truth. Once you have it, your days will become brighter. Your quality of life will improve in all areas. You’ll feel connected to everything and everyone. Inspiration will flow like crazy. And your purpose will be cristal clear.


Discover the True Power of your Vision

Girl sitting in wheelchair in school corridor against desk

Girl sitting in wheelchair in school corridor against desk

Do wanna know the secret behind every inspirational success story?

Here it is…

The secret is that they all started with people (some probably no smarter or talented than you) who focused on a crystal clear vision of what they wanted to have, do or become.”

Before we start, let me explain the difference between a vision and a fantasy.

Fantasizing is simply imagining stuff that you don’t believe in.  (Like when I fantasize about winning the lottery or maybe dating one of those sexy Kardashians). I could imagine it, but I don’t really expect them to occur any time soon. That’s why I don’t buy lottery tickets or move to Miami to search for my soon-to-be wife.

A vision, on the other hand, is an image infused with a strong sense of “knowing” telling you that that someway, somehow you will make this happen. Personally, I’ve seen how clear visions tend to acts like a mental treasure map that’s pointing towards a better future, regardless of your past or your present situation.

In a way, it’s as if you are being given a peak at what your life could look like if you are willing to follow your instincts and move.

For example, Stephen Hawking started out as a brilliant young man with a huge vision of becoming a well-respected theoretical physicist. He did sports, he went out with his friends, he studied, he dated, and he loved solving life’s biggest questions about the Universe. Then one day after suffering from health issues, his doctor diagnosed him with ALS – a degenerative neurological condition that eventually paralyzes the patient from head to toe. Even though they gave him only 2 years to live, Stephen didn’t give up.

It’s been over 50 years since his first diagnosis and Mr. Hawking is not only alive; he also has 3 children, he became a world famous physicist and cosmologist, he does lectures all around the world, and he continues sharing his knowledge through books, seminars, studies and articles. Well, apparently he didn’t get his doctor’s memo because he’s done with his illness than most of his “healthy” colleagues.

Identify Your Vision

What is your grand vision for the next couple of months or years? What level do you want to reach in your career? How much money will you earn? Will you help your community in some way? Can you see yourself living fitter and healthier? Do you dream about turning into a strong, confident person? Are you finally getting that degree? Do you envision yourself with a loving partner? Do you see yourself being happy and successful?

The truth is that people without a positive vision rarely get to design a life that they want. In fact, most of them are so focused on “what is” that they end up creating more of the same.

Instead, why not show God, nature or the universe a clear picture of the changes that you want to experience? After all, you do create your reality. Just look at life; it’s always willing and ready to help you by bringing in the right situation, the right person or the best idea, just as long as you show it/him/her what you want. Make your vision big, bright and as real as you can.

Keep in mind that just like a jigsaw puzzle, your dreams can be put together if you have an image that helps you place the pieces.

The 30 Day Worry Free Challenge

Successful and ambitious businessmanExcessive worry con appear in different forms for different people – some worry about catching some horrible disease, others about getting fired, and some worry about dying in a tragic airplane accident. All I know is that we often waste too much valuable time worrying about stuff that will probably never, ever happen.

But what if you could live without worrying about issues that you can’t control? What would you be, do or have if fear didn’t keep you stuck? Can you imagine how liberating and powerful you would feel? Would you finally go skydiving, start taking your first acting lesson or start building that dream business? That’s why I decided to share with you the same “30 Day Worry Free Challenge” that helped me change my life for good.

What’s in it for you?                                                                       

It’s scientifically proven that constant worrying affects every aspect of your life, especially your mental and physical health. It produces stress chemicals that suppress your immune system raising your blood pressure, slowing down recovery time, it affects your digestion process and it leaves you open to all forms of diseases. Extreme worry also promotes anxiety, depression and any other brain disorder.

Adding to that, your creativity and positive attitude basically turn to shit, hindering your God-given ability to come up with solutions for your problems. In simpler terms, “constant worry can literally turn your life into a living hell!”

So here’s the challenge: “Can you go a full 30 days without worrying about the same old issues that are keeping you stuck?”

Here are a couple of tips that’ll help you get started.

1-Practice “Having-A-Vision”

Excessive worry, just like television, is extremely good at one thing: “Keeping you glued down.” That’s why you need a big enough vision that’ll inspire you to move in the right direction. Write down real goals that’ll create the life that you want and then design a custom strategy for each one. Then start taking small steps until you reach it, no matter how many obstacles you have to face during your journey.

2- Haters and setbacks: “Your initiation to Mastery.”

Here’s the thing, if you are trying to achieve something big you will inevitably gain attention from a lot of hateful, envious and insecure people. Consider this an initiation into greatness, not a roadblock. Different people have different opinions of you depending on how they see the world. So keep being true to whom you are and eventually those who like you will come. Oh, and don’t worry; rats don’t like high altitudes, so keep on reaching for the skies my friend.

Setbacks, on the other hand, are the best way to learn from real world experience. Every great person probably fell thousands of times before they reached their level of greatness. But it was their perseverance, their unshakable vision and their ability to learn from every single mistakes what helped them reach the top.

3-Avoid filling your head with negativity

Unless you or your family is in real danger you don’t need to read, watch or listen to today’s toxic news. Have you noticed how they love talking about tragedies, disease and injustice, but rarely give you a positive solution? Off course; fear and worry is how they get you hooked into wanting to know more. The same goes for crappy reality shows and gossip programs. I really don’t understand some people’s fascination with other’s success when all they have to do is turn off their TV’s and start building their own.

“Life is full of great opportunities. You just have to ignore other people’s limitations and start looking for your own way to succeed.”

4- Feel your fears and do it any way

A great way to overcome worry is to face your fears by moving towards them with courage. This also helps you gain feedback from your strategies and actions. For example, if you’re afraid to talk to a cute girl or a very difficult client, suck it up and approach them anyway. After all, what’s the worst that could happen? Or better yet, what’s the best…? But if you let worry keep you stuck you might never know. Just relax and know that whatever happens, good or bad, will become a lesson that’ll give you confidence and help you to deal with future situations.

5-Take your daily shot of blessings

How many times a day do you bless what you have? Think about it: Can you eat 3 times a day? Bless it. Are your kids healthy? Bless them. Does your crummy job pay your bills? Bless it. Does your horrible boss inspire you to want something better? Bless that S.O.B. Being thankful can become a great habit that’ll serve you well, especially during hard times.

Destroy your biggest worries by blessing the gifts that life has already given you, no matter how small they might seem compared to others. I believe that when you’re grateful for what you have, you receive more blessings to be grateful for, always at a perfect time and in a perfect way.

6-Teach your Mind to “Chill Out”

There are a couple of ways to relax and quiet your mind, but in my opinion, meditation is still the best way to go. It’s easy. It’s free. And you don’t need a prescription to use it. Just tap in “guided meditation” on YouTube and try the one you like for at least these 30 days.

Quieting your mind from your daily metal chatter increases your creativity, your drive, your energy, and it helps your body heal itself faster. It also raises your level of intuition and overall awareness, turning you into a great problem solver. Your emotions also become more balanced helping you sleep better, focus more and relate better to others. You can even watch how most of your stress related medical conditions disappear (just like it happened to me).

If meditation isn’t your thing you can also go to the beach, go to church, walk in the park, go dancing, listen to your favorite uplifting music, do Yoga, or go jogging.

3 Rules that may Help You Turn Criticism into Motivation

man crossing out impossible conceptRemember the last time someone told you that you can’t do what you want? Kind of makes you wanna knock them out, doesn’t it?

In the past, negative comments and haters made me furious and insecure to the point that I was just about to throw out my dreams.  That is until I heard a great teacher say that we don’t need everyone’s approval in order to succeed.

So now I’m here to help you overcome hateful criticism by giving you these 3 Important Rules that’ll transform any stupid comment into your fuel for success.

You ready? Here we go…

Rule #1- Turning the Negative into Positive

“There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.” William Shakespeare

Sadly, some folks limit their capabilities to what others think of them. That’s why there’s so many talented people settling for things (jobs, relationships, businesses, etc.,) that don’t suit them. Maybe they don’t know it yet but their need to be accepted by the “tribe” is exactly what’s keeping them from excellence. So they join the circus and do whatever everyone else is doing.

Do you know what highly successful people and you have in common? Almost all of them started out being criticized and ridiculed for wanting to follow a great vision. Sure at the beginning most didn’t have all the talent or the resources but after years of study, preparation and patience they eventually made it.

Did you know that Steve Jobs built his company, Apple Computers, from his dad’s garage?  A lot of potential prospects dismissed him because they only saw a couple of scruffy kids with a home made computer and a huge vision. Did it matter what others thought of him? You tell me.

You too can turn any negative “opinion” into a positive mantra that’ll keep you focused on what matters: your goal!

Rule #2- Look for the Positive Feedback

I may be stepping on my own shoes here, but not all criticism is bad. Constructive criticism is a useful way to get great feedback that may inspire you with new ideas and help you make improvements in your performance and/or service.

Personally, I’ve benefited a lot from great people who’ve shared great ideas on how to reach more people or improve my message. This shortened my learning curve and it taught me how to become efficient at what I love to do.

Rule #3- Bless those haters

Malcolm X once said, “If you have no critics you’ll likely have no success.”

I believe that people who love to criticize you are like signposts on your way to greatness because they show you the mindset that you must avoid. They don’t know it yet, but their attitudes keeps them living as spectators while they watch you become the player that they come to watch. They may yell at you from the bleachers but you are still the one playing.

A friend once told me that nothing says “I don’t give a f**k” like a huge smile in the face of ignorance. So smile away and bless these haters for letting you know that you are on your way to bigger and better things. Bless them every single day and hope that they too can get inspired to change their lives for the better.

3 Secrets that’ll Help You Achieve Your New Year’s Resolution

Businesswomans hands showing thumbs up against blue background with vignetteIts finally that time of the year were we can finally say goodbye to 365 days full of happiness and sorrow, successes and failures, new relationships and breakups, and all those interesting things that makes life so freaking interesting.

No wonder most people consider the New Year as chance to erase the past and start over with a clean sheet, or so they say.

So forget about whatever happened last year and focus on what you can do to make this new year completely different (in a positive way) than the past. Let me help you not only know what you want (anybody can do that), but also teach you the secrets that will let you to reprogram your life for positive and permanent results.

Let me remind you that there’s no book, article, program, seminar, or guru who can transform your life if you don’t: 1- Take responsibility for your results. 2- Change your attitude from negative to positive. 3- Take action and apply the information learned.

So here are my 3 Secrets that’ll certainly help you achieve your New Year’s resolution.

Secret #1: Your Resolution must be clear and specific

Imagine that you get in a taxi, and when the driver asks you, “So, where do you wanna go?” you go and answer, “Me? Just take me anywhere.” Really…., what do you think will happen? Besides giving the poor taxi driver mental diarrhea you also run the risk of ending up either in the same place or some other place where you don’t want to be.

In other words, the same way that the taxi person needs clear and specific instructions in order to take you where you want to go, your powerful mind also needs for you to tell it exactly what it is that you want. And if you don’t do these you run the risk of repeating the same lame results that always leave you feeling disappointed and frustrated.

Still don’t believe me? Just look around at all those people who start the year saying, “This year I will lose some weight” or “I will make more money.” Then they get confused and angry when they lose only 3 ounces and make an extra 15 cents. Ignore this superficial strategy and go BIG by deciding exactly what it is that you will achieve next year.

Secret #2: Visualize the Result

Look, it really doesn’t matter how hard you work at what you want, because if you can’t see yourself already achieving it, it will always seem like a struggle to reach the goal.

Every famous artist, sports star, and other successful people from all walks of life know that a clear mental vision comes before producing any results. Even Albert Einstein knew that imagination is more important than reason. Why? Because your creative mind has no limit to what it can envision, regardless of external limitations.

So forget about circumstances and visualize yourself with your desired body, changing careers, completing your studies, o just expressing your ideas to others with clarity and confidence. Take at least 15 minutes a day to relax and imagine how it will look like to fulfill your New Year’s resolution, while holding a real sense of faith that this mental picture or movie will eventually become your new reality.

I’m not going to get into details with how your brain can literally readjust itself through the right use of your imagination, so just do like I did and put your visualizing power to the test. Once you start noticing how things seem to flow better when you do it you will understand that success really does start from the inside out.

Secret #3 Follow only those who Know

Did you know that the wheel was already invented? So why not make achieving your goal for next year that much easier by searching for other people who already did what you want to do? Its only when you start taking the right steps when results start to happen. And if their method doesn’t fit you, just try another and another until you find a strategy that’s good for you.

Drill into your mind that in life there are no failures, only results. I also believe that for every big goal there are almost a required number of setbacks and obstacles that you need to face in order to make it. For example, if you wanna lose 25 pounds and 5 inches in 3 months, then you should go out and look for people, diets and programs that do that.

Don’t think about your past failures and see that your dissatisfaction with “what is” is just life’s way of motivating you into something better. Take things at your own step, but never stop working and dreaming about your goal until you make it.

Here’s some additional important information:

1- Write your resolution on a notebook, cellphone, diary, visualization board, o wherever you want to put it. This will help you stay focused the end result.

2- Put an end date to the goal. Understand that a dream without a date is just a fantasy.

3- Don’t tell your New Year’s resolution to anyone. Unless you wanna get infected with other people’s fear and insecurity virus, just keep your desires to yourself. And if you do feel the need to tell someone, talk to a pet, your pillow, or better yet, talk to God. There’s a reason why “Seeking approval from others” isn’t Secret #4.



Cogratulations! You are now closer to making this next year one of the best you’ve ever had. And although you can’t always be positive (believe me, I’m not) you can always work on being optimistic and courageous against whatever obstacle is stupid enough to get in your way.

And before I forget………… Happy New Years!!!! I love you from here to infinity. J


Is Having Patience Really That Important?

Way back at Overwhelmed executivethe end of the 1800’s, a really smart and passionate dude named Thomas Edison decided to perfect the lightbulb in order to illuminate our lives.

And it is said that to achieve this huge goal he literally had to repeat the bulb making process well over 2000 times! Only after all those struggles did he create a fully functional, long lasting incandescent light for commercial use. “That’s some super f***ing patience batman!!!”

Can you imagine this guy working day and night for months without getting a positive result? Thankfully, stopping was never in his mind because he always knew that it would all come together in time.  Did he go through moments of anger and frustration? Probably. The important thing is that he didn’t let his impatience deter him from his main vision.

Sure, you might be saying right now, “But Juancho, you don’t understand; I’ve always been an impatient person.” Don’t worry little grasshopper, thankfully, patience is a skill that you can learn and even master – with a little time and patience, of course. (Got you jaja)

The Importance of Patience

Developing patience is as important to your success as it is to design a goal strategy because it helps you take the necessary time to learn and grow into whatever you want to do. In other words, without patience everyone would quit at the first signs of obstacles or problems.

And another thing, if you try and compare your results with other people it may cause you to get extremely impatient, which tends to translate into very talented people doing some really stupid sh*t that ends up affecting  them. “Don’t do that to yourself!” Understand that you are different to everyone else, so focus on winning your own race at your own pace.

When moving towards something important, big or small, it’s important that do understand that before you reach a destination you will have to take several steps that’ll take you there. For example, if you are looking to become a doctor you should know that it will take several years of study before you have that degree.

Even in metaphysics there is a law called, The Law of Gestation, which explains that everything in life has a growth process and a time for maturity – just like the nine months that it takes to develop a baby.

If you want to learn to play a musical instrument, you can get really good at it in a short time depending on natural talent and your ability to practice, but if you want to become a master at your instrument, it will take you a fair amount of years to get there. People like Mozart and Beethoven had awesome natural talent, but they also became great because they practiced every single day for at least 6-9 hours.

When Steven Spielberg was working on his blockbuster movie, JAWS, he needed to be extremely patient because the robot that controlled the shark broke down every time they would try to shoot a scene (yes, it failed every freaking time!). In the end, his patience helped him develop a better way to shoot the movie by “implying” that there was a shark instead of showing a fake shark suffering from seizures. This made the movie a lot more terrifying by jumping on the idea that people fear what they cannot see. Genius!

Look, my friend, whatever you want to have or do in life, you’ve got to first analyze what it takes to make it. Then you can decide if the practicing, the waiting, the learning, and even the failing are worth the effort. Keep in mind that the main difference between a winner and a loser is that the winner will be always be patient enough to overcome those failures while he or she learns and grows into what they want to become.