~”Working for a better life will always seem like an uphill battle if you criticize those who do have it, or if you internally believe you don’t deserve it.”~

Juan Manuel

Dare to fail your way to the top

Men practicing Karate on the beachI remember how my mom and I used to love watching Jackie Chan punch and kick his way out of trouble in his action films.

While crazy-quick fighting scenes always mesmerized my young mind, the real treat for me was when they showed the “bloopers” at the end of every movie.

As a kid I laughed it off as some joke, but as an adult, I appreciated that even after suffering these funny, and sometimes very painful mistakes, they always ended up making some kick-ass movies.

Yea I know, life is a little more complicated than an over-exaggerated Kung-fu movie; but, I sincerely believe, that to be great at doing what you love, it depends more on how you deal with your failures and setbacks then how perfect you are.

It’s interesting how some people take action on their dreams just as long as things are going well. But then, the second things get crazy, they hit the panic button and retreat to their comfy zone. And this my friend, won’t get you any closer to the life you really want.

I other words, if you don’t fully commit to getting what you want, you will probably self-sabotage yourself every time you meet an obstacle, a problem, or an unexpected situation. This is why you need to learn to deal with the fear of failure by becoming focused on your goals – the end result -, not the possible obstacles.

People like Tiger Woods and Jim Carey may seem like poster children for perfection and godlike talents, but what youre actually seeing are the results you get from all those years of following your passion and overcoming failures. The great thing is that if they did it, so can you.

Don’t believe the B.S. about famous and successful people having more abilities and talents than you. Almost all great people started out as afraid and insecure as you are right now. What made the different from the rest was that they decided that chasing their dream was more important than the problems they had to face to get there.

“Failures may look bad while they’re happening, but their purpose is not to stop you, it’s to polish you!”

Overcoming failures also teaches you powerful life lessons like humility, dedication, discipline, persistence and patience. It also centers you if you get too cocky. The more fearless you are about your obstacles, the faster you will see a way to dissolve them.

Let’s face it, success without failure is as lame as Lady Gaga without meat covered dress (love you Gaga :-)). So, develop some courage and dare yourself to fail until you make it. The only thing that you will regret is not doing it at all.


Oh, I almost forgot. I once read that in one of Jackie Chan’s movies they had to redo a single fight scene over 2,900 times before it was considered perfect!

Remember that the next time you think your life is painful.

Affirm Yourself to Success

Possible And Impossible Keys Show Optimism And PositivityJust like your computer’s programming  controls all its vital functions, your inner beliefs act like a mental program that constantly controls everything from your income, the quality of your relationships, your level of success, to your ability to make any positive changes in your life. “Even your health is determined by what you think is true!”

Odds are that if you are always struggling with life, your mind is probably infected with nasty beliefs that are holding you back. The good news is that once you identify the problem, you can then reprogram your mind from depressed to success.

A simple and powerful way for you to program do this mental cleansing is by using some kick-ass “positive affirmations.”

A Positive Affirmation is a powerful statement that you repeat to yourself in order to change a limiting or negative belief. The method is simple: you first identify the limiting belief ( example #1: “I am not good enough to make it”), and then you change the statement to something more positive written in the present tense (example #2: “I Am worthy of success!”)  By repeatedly affirming your desired belief you will start replacing the old crappy one with something that can actually help you.

So instead of always telling yourself , “I am too weak. I can’t do this stuff.”  You can change it to a better sounding, I am strong, confident, and able to do what I want. Doesn’t that sound and feel much better than the old “Oh, poor me, bla, bla, I am victim” nonsense?

Its also important to mention that emotion plays a big part in this process; the more positive emotion you can bring to the new affirmation, the faster you will start to believe its true. So from now on, make a commitment to yourself to only accept positive, empowering ideas that will bring out the better, kick-ass version of you.

Here are other positive affirmations that you can repeat daily.

-I am a success at whatever I do.
-I am always in total control of my emotions.
-I am confident and relaxed under any situation.
-I can easily achieve all my goals in a relaxed and positive way.
-Day by day, my life just keeps getting better and better.

Remember to put your positive affirmations on your car, on your bathroom mirror, on your computer, on your dog, or wherever you can read them often. Just think of them as your kick-ass mantra for success.


Warning: Please be very patient with the reprogramming process; some changes will happen quickly, and others might take more time in order to become a permanent part of you.
Keep on rockin’ my fiend!!!



Dealing with Negativity

Angry businessmanHave you noticed how negativity has sort of become the way to be these days? Yes, apparently anger and drama is in my friend!

It’s sad to see how pessimism and drama has become the norm for some people; to the point that if you say or do something remotely positive, they might label you as a “the weird one.”

I know it’s not easy to deal with the world these days. Hey, I don’t even expect you try and change it – at least not in the usual fists in the air kinda way. I believe that If you truly want to succeed and overcome this sad ‘negativity phase,’ you must be willing to think and act differently from the rest of the tribe.

What I mean by being different is that you – positive, loving, and awesome, goal oriented person – should make an effort to focus on your own truth (you know, what you know you can have or be) regardless of what others think or say.

For example, it is said that during the 1800’s, Guglielmo Marconi was briefly institutionalized in a mental hospital by his friends just because he told them his idea on developing a new way of sending messages through the air at great distances. What a crazy wako right?

Well, it’s thanks to this lunatic’s ideas what eventually created a strange little thing called a radio, which eventually led to the inventions like the cellphone we now use to send messages and pictures every day. Hey, Marconi could’ve just given up and stayed being cool with the other “sane” dudes, but instead, he continued with faith and determination following his passion and preaching his own truth about what he knew was possible for him.

Hey, I know first hand that being different can really suck sometimes. But this is why we should always be associate with other crazy, positive, and creative wakos like us! Sure our family and friends may have the best intentions in helping us (really, most of them do), but It’s just that you shouldn’t expect them to be experts on what you are going to achieve.

“Always remember that if someone else made it, so can you”

Study and imitate the people who already have what you want – ALL OF THEM! -, and notice how they overcame their obstacles. Doing this can really help you stay motivated by substituting those nasty negative thoughts with high doses of optimism. Always keep in mind that if they could, you can too.

And when negative thoughts arise, don’t fight them, just thank your mind for trying to keep you safe. The goal here is to be aware of the quality of your thoughts at every moment so you can replace them with better ones that serve you.

When you dare to thinking differently from the rest, you are become part of the solution that this world needs. And don’t feel bad about your occasional doubts and fears (I still have them). You just keep on working and dreaming with determination and faith until your desires come out and meet YOU.

The Power of Inspiration

Inspiration to me is a moment of creativity that motivates a person to act towards his or her goal by influencing their emotions. Inspiration also means “in-spirit”, and it refers to that inner feeling of being guided by a higher and spiritual mind. Artists also call it “the muse”, and athletes know it as being “in the zone”.

When you feel inspired to do something you will find yourself doing more work – but in a positive state of mind. You will practicing more, studying more, replace bad habits, take more risks, and overcome negative thoughts and situations. Not only that, your mood will also change because you will be more focused and optimistic. An inspired person always tends to be willing to do what’s necessary get what he wants.

Inspired people throughout time have always seemed to do the impossible. They have eliminated once though incurable diseases, they have taken us into space, built pocket size computers, created timeless works of art, and some have even changed the world with their achievements while suffering from so-called “physical or mental disabilities”.

Eunice Kennedy was a perfect example of one of those people. She was always known for wanting to give a better way of life for people with special needs because she never could see them as handicapped or disabled. Then one day she got inspired to create an event where they could develop their sports skills. Then the medical community basically attacked her by saying that it couldn’t and shouldn’t be done. Did she listen? Absolutely not. Eunice followed her heart and proved them wrong by following her dreams and succeeding. To date there have been over 3.7 million people from 150 countries that have participated in these sports events. What do you think about that?

Another inspiring person is Mr. Arnold Schwarzenegger. The guy with the strange last name was born in a very small town in Austria where he was expected to become either a policeman or a farmer. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with having one of those jobs, but clearly he was interested in something much bigger.  Arnold wanted to become a Hollywood movie star, but had no clue on how he would achieve this. One day he entered a gym and was inspired by what he saw; he immediately knew that weightlifting was his ticket out of his small town. After excelling at the sport in Europe, he made the big jump and started competing in America.

When it came time to start his career in the movies, he was quickly rejected by many “experts” who criticized his thick Austrian accent and his muscular body. They all swore that he would never make it in Hollywood as a leading actor. Ironically it was those “limitations” that made him a movie superstar.


Find what really inspires you and go with it. At first it may seem difficult or intimidating, but in time you will see things clearer. Focus on your goals, dreams and aspirations, and not on what other people think you should or shouldn’t do. Read about the people who have achieved their dreams and you will soon feel energized and inspired. Remember that when you finally arrive at your destiny, your story will serve as inspiration to others who need it. God bless.

Only speak if you are going to say something positive or constructive towards others. It’s a fact that when you condemn a person or a situation, your condemning yourself – literally. So if you live a miserable and frustrating life, you probably live criticizing and focusing on the negative aspect of others, and this will reflect ultimately on to you.

Juan Manuel