The 30 Day Worry Free Challenge

Successful and ambitious businessmanExcessive worry con appear in different forms for different people. Some worry about catching some horrible disease, others about getting fired, and some worry about dying in a tragic airplane accident. All I know is that we can waste too much time worrying about stuff that will probably never, ever happen.

But what if you could live without that annoying and excessive worrying?

What would you be, do or have if fear didn’t keep you stuck?

Can you imagine how liberating and powerful you would feel to get started on your dreams?

That’s why I decided to share with you the same “30 Day Worry Free Challenge” that released me from these stupid ideas.

What’s in it for you?                                                                       

It’s scientifically proven that constant worrying affects every aspect of your life, especially your mental and physical health. By producing constant stress your immune system slows down while your blood pressure speeds up, slowing down recovery time and leaving you wide open to disease.

Extreme worry also promotes anxiety, depression, confusion and other brain disorders. Because of this, your creativity and your positive mental attitude basically turn to shit, hindering your God-given ability to come up with solutions for your problems.

In simpler terms, “constant worry can literally turn your life into a living hell!

So here’s the challenge: “Can you go a full 30 days without worrying about the same old issues that are keeping you stuck?”

Here are a couple of tips that’ll help you get started.

1-Practice “Having-A-Vision”

Excessive worry, just like television, is extremely good at one thing: “Keeping you fucused on the image in front of you.”

Is it a positive vision or a negative one? Is it both? Which one do you focus on more?

Cancel out those fearful images by having a huge, crystal clear vision that’ll inspire you to move in the right direction. Then start taking small steps until you reach it, no matter how many obstacles you have to face during your journey.

2- Haters and setbacks: “Your initiation to Mastery.”

First, when you’re trying to achieve something big you’ll  inevitably gain attention from a lot of insecure people. Consider this your initiation into greatness, not a roadblock.

Everyone has their own opinion depending on how they see the world. So don’t take it personally.

Second, setbacks are the best way to learn from real world experience. Mistakes, failures, rejections, they all come with the territory. You either learn from them or you risk falling in the same hole.

3-Avoid useless sensationalism  

Unless you or your family is in real danger you don’t need to read, watch or listen to today’s toxic news. Have you noticed how they love talking about tragedies, disease and injustice, but rarely give you a positive solution? Off course; fear and worry is how they get you hooked into wanting to know more. The same goes for crappy reality shows and gossip programs.

4- Feel your fears and do it any way

There are moments in your life were you’ll just have to say “Ahhhhh Fuck it!”.  Show your fears who’s boss by moving towards them with conviction.  For example, if you’re afraid to talk to a cute girl, suck it up and approach them anyway. The same goes for a difficult client or to ask for a promotion. After all, what’s the worst that could happen? Or better yet, what’s the best…? But if you never try you’ll never know.

5-Take your daily shot of blessings

How many times a day do you bless what you have? Can you eat 3 times a day? Bless it. Are your kids healthy? Bless them. Does your crummy job pay your bills? Bless it. Does your horrible boss inspire you to want something better? Bless that S.O.B.

Being thankful can become a great habit that’ll serve you well, especially during hard times.

6-Teach your Mind to “Chill Out”

There are a couple of ways to relax your mind, but in my opinion, meditation is still the best way to go. It’s easy. It’s free. And you don’t need a prescription to use it. Just tap in “guided meditation” on YouTube and try the one you like.

Quieting your mind from mental chatter increases your creativity, your drive, your energy, and it helps your body heal from stress. It also raises your level of intuition and overall awareness, turning you into a great problem solver. Your emotions also become more balanced helping you sleep better, make better  decisions, and relate better to others.

If meditation isn’t your thing you can also go to the beach, go to church, walk in the park, go dancing, listen to your favorite uplifting music, do Yoga, or go jogging.


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