Discover the True Power of your Vision

Girl sitting in wheelchair in school corridor against desk

Girl sitting in wheelchair in school corridor against desk

Do wanna know the secret behind every inspirational success story?

Here it is…

The secret is that they all started with people (some probably no smarter or talented than you) who focused on a crystal clear vision of what they wanted to have, do or become.”

Before we start, let me explain the difference between a vision and a fantasy.

Fantasizing is simply imagining stuff that you don’t believe in.  (Like when I fantasize about winning the lottery or maybe dating one of those sexy Kardashians). I could imagine it, but I don’t really expect them to occur any time soon. That’s why I don’t buy lottery tickets or move to Miami to search for my soon-to-be wife.

A vision, on the other hand, is an image infused with a strong sense of “knowing” telling you that that someway, somehow you will make this happen. Personally, I’ve seen how clear visions tend to acts like a mental treasure map that’s pointing towards a better future, regardless of your past or your present situation.

In a way, it’s as if you are being given a peak at what your life could look like if you are willing to follow your instincts and move.

For example, Stephen Hawking started out as a brilliant young man with a huge vision of becoming a well-respected theoretical physicist. He did sports, he went out with his friends, he studied, he dated, and he loved solving life’s biggest questions about the Universe. Then one day after suffering from health issues, his doctor diagnosed him with ALS – a degenerative neurological condition that eventually paralyzes the patient from head to toe. Even though they gave him only 2 years to live, Stephen didn’t give up.

It’s been over 50 years since his first diagnosis and Mr. Hawking is not only alive; he also has 3 children, he became a world famous physicist and cosmologist, he does lectures all around the world, and he continues sharing his knowledge through books, seminars, studies and articles. Well, apparently he didn’t get his doctor’s memo because he’s done with his illness than most of his “healthy” colleagues.

Identify Your Vision

What is your grand vision for the next couple of months or years? What level do you want to reach in your career? How much money will you earn? Will you help your community in some way? Can you see yourself living fitter and healthier? Do you dream about turning into a strong, confident person? Are you finally getting that degree? Do you envision yourself with a loving partner? Do you see yourself being happy and successful?

The truth is that people without a positive vision rarely get to design a life that they want. In fact, most of them are so focused on “what is” that they end up creating more of the same.

Instead, why not show God, nature or the universe a clear picture of the changes that you want to experience? After all, you do create your reality. Just look at life; it’s always willing and ready to help you by bringing in the right situation, the right person or the best idea, just as long as you show it/him/her what you want. Make your vision big, bright and as real as you can.

Keep in mind that just like a jigsaw puzzle, your dreams can be put together if you have an image that helps you place the pieces.

2 thoughts on “Discover the True Power of your Vision

  1. Liliana

    Great article! In my personal experience what it find to be the “hardest” part is to maintain that vision of what you what you want, it takes time to train yourself on a daily basis to finally materialize what you envisioned, but the thruth is that one you do it once things will start to flow and they will become something natural. Thanks for sharing!


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