3 Reasons to Not Give a F***

Hello. My name is Juan Santiago. And I stopped giving a fuck a looooooong time ago…

I don’t give a fuck about chain messages. I don’t give a fuck about Trump, the Kardashians, or bitcoins. I don’t give a fuck about haters and critics. I don’t give a fuck about the news. And I certainly don’t give a flying fuck about filling anyone’s expectations of who I should or shouldn’t be.

Now that I got that of my chest, let me give you 3 good reasons why you too could benefit from this “not giving a fuck” attitude.

But before I start, let’s make something clear: “Not giving a fuck” is NOT a license to be an pretentious, self centered asshole. It simply means that from now on, you will only devote your time, your attention, and your energy to thing, events and people that improve your life.

Reason #1: It Keeps You Goal Focused

Creating your dream life isn’t easy. You need to stay laser focused. But if you behave like most people – whining about what they don’t have, worrying about shit that might never happen, playing with their cellphone – you can bet your ass that you’ll never get there.

Focusing on problems will not make you help you solve them. So fuck that and keep all your attention on possibilities that can get to where you wanna be.

Reason #2: It Builds Confidence

Before I accepted my awesome, weirdo self I was always trying to fit in with what I though was the cool crowd. This never made me happy. So I ditched them and I found other weirdos who liked me for being me.

Understand that real confidence starts with one huge step: Self Acceptance. This means not giving a fuck about being different. You are supposed to be different. That’s how God made you. So never, ever dilute yourself; It dishonors your true powerful self.

Reason #3: You gain Emotional POWER

A true Master has complete control of his or her emotions. On the other extreme, the losers overreact to everything. No wonder they’re so annoying.

Become a true master by not giving a fuck about things that aren’t under your control. Things like criticism, the weather, global events, tragedies, your boss’s childish tantrums, failures, rejections, non of these things matter. What changes your life is what you fucking do about it. Period.



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