My Spiritual Journey

I’m hardly what you can call the typical “spiritual person.”

I don’t believe in horoscopes. I curse a lot. I’m not into mystical crystals or magnets. I don’t pray (at least not in the usual way). My chakras haven’t been aligned since grunge hit the 90’s. I’d rather have a beer with Axle Rose than sit and meditate with the Dalai Lama. Don’t care about colors, races or sexual preference. Love tattoos. I eat meat. And I love life’s crazy diversity.

Yea, that’s me.

Now to my journey…

For a long time I doubted what society taught me about spirituality or religion. Non of it made sense. And no one ever gave me a straight answer. They just repeated what they heard, and followed these instructions like good little boys and girls regardless of how they really felt about it.
Questions like, Will I go to heaven? Does hell exist? Will I simply croak and become a ball of compost and worm food? Does listening to Slayer make me a bad person? What about Taylor Swift? Is God a man, a woman, an alien? And if he, she, it is so wise and powerful, why the hell doesn’t he simply appear and tell us what’s up?

Also. Is it true that he only likes you if you’re constantly thanking him? You know, like rappers receiving trophies at the MTV music awards. Doesn’t this sound more like a human dictator than an all wise being who loves you no matter what? Then what’s with all the scare tactics?
Believe it or not, questions like these kept me awake at night. Only after years of soul searching did I see that the more I understood myself, the more I understood spirituality.


The God Question 

Do I believe in God? Yes I do! Just not in the big guy-in-the-sky-with-the-nasty-temper version. That one needs serious help.

I believe that god is much more than a bipolar, ego thirsty dude that craves constant attention. If you notice, these are human traits that ancient people used to explain behaviors and natural events. Not to mention the benefits of crowd control. To me, God, Jehovah, Krishna, Source, is this loving and wise “energy” that permeates matter from here to the ends of the universe.

It lives within our every cell. It’s in the trees. Even your stupid cat is made from it. It doesn’t care if you’re rich or poor, good or Trump. It’s always there, present, supportive, and nonjudgmental.
Because you’re here to serve a purpose, It’s always guiding you through intuition, people, books, mistakes, events, and other synchronicities that no human could’ve orchestrated.

You can feel it walking in the beach, through meditation or by helping a person in need. You are never, ever alone, even if you think you are. It’s imposible.


The spiritual Way

As I said, spirituality is discovering who you are: your strengths, your weaknesses, your desires, your talents. Its learning and unlearning until you find your truth. It’s understanding that we are all in this crazy ride together. It’s realizing that each person (including you) is born for a purpose – something that only you can do.
No begging or blood sacrifices are required. Sex is permitted. You can love whomever the fuck you want. You don’t have to kill your kid to prove your devotion. Oh, and there’s no fiery pit of doom playing Despacito. Although, if you fuck with people, life will definitely fuck-you-up until you get your shit together. In other words, you punish yourself.


What about religion? 

In essence, I do have a religion: LOVE. Every day I ask myself, Am I doing this from fear or love. Am I being authentic?

I do not hate religion, not even the really weird ones. Most of the people that I love support a religion. It’s improved their lives greatly, and that’s what matters. Who am I to judge how or through whom this knowledge comes from? Universal force flows through everyone, and it doesn’t care if you wear a funny hat. These are the people who understand the lessons behind the metaphors.
Sure, some may feel outraged about what I’m saying. It’s ok. I know that everyone is not ready for this. These are not the people that I’m speaking to today. My people either get it or are in the process of getting it. I’m just the messenger who believe that our punishments or rewards are a direct result of who we are and what we do.
Do I have all the answers? Hell no! Are my beliefs the “right” ones? I don’t know. At least for me they are. All I know is that my life has only gotten better since I awakened.

To you, I say keep asking, studying and applying until you find your own truth. Once you have it, your days will become brighter. Your quality of life will improve in all areas. You’ll feel connected to everything and everyone. Inspiration will flow like crazy. And your purpose will be cristal clear.



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